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Several types of underground fuel pipe are available for different applications to meet various engineering and legal requirements:

UPP Extra Lined Primary Pipe, with 100% nylon barrier for product, suction, pressure, vapour, vent and filling lines
UPP Secondary Containment Pipe, for pressure systems or environmentally sensitive sites
UPP Unlined Primary Pipe, for use as Vent, vapour recovery (Vr1) and filling lines
UPP Electrical Conduit Pipe, for underground electrical wiring protection

UPP (Universal Petro Pipe) is made of developed polyethylene material and the sizes varies between 1″ and 6.” UPP piping system is leading the piping systems in the market due to being tough, safe, easily installed, lightweighted and flexible.

Environment-friendly UPP pipe and fitting equipments have electrofusion welding in the system and this provides a complete, tough and durable fuel transfer line installation.