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Underground Fuel Piping Systems UPP Systems Underground fuel pipe for use in fuelstations and the fuel industry; UPP Underground Fuel Pipe Product Summary: • Upgraded polyethylene pipe • Tough, specially formulated nylon liner • Zero or near zero permeation • Available in a variety of diameters • Available in straight lengths or coils • Complete range of fittings is available Approvals: UPP has received a large number of approvals from worldwide authorities and environment agencies, probably more than any other similar system has. UPP product ranges are independently tested by Cobham Technical Services, formally ERA Technology Ltd (Europe) and Underwriters Laboratories Inc (US) to meet all the relevant performance standards. UPP System approval of UL 971 covers all four UL test fuel categories: Motor vehicle fuels, Concentrated fuels, High blend fuels, Aviation and marine fuels. UPP has EN14125, UL971, IP2 and Shell approval as a standard of safety and quality we have maintained throughout our history.