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Self Wash & Foam

  • Works with coin, Manuel START/STOP; also rejects fake coin.
  • Foam and Washing can work separately with the help of different automation systems.
  • 2 different safe boxes each Foam and Washing stations.
  • There is non-resettable 2 different numerators so can each stations can be tracked separately that how many vehicles are served.(Optional)
  • There is 200 bar pump made in Italy or Turkey
  • There is safety switch that interrupts pump and motor, if trigger is not pressed.(Optional)
  • Water consumption is 15 liters per minute and total cost with electricity is almost 30 cf for each vehicle.(For 3min. Service time)
  • There is a 90 Lt tank capacity inside. Working pressure is 5 bar.
  • Minimum 35 vehicles can be foamed at each filling.(For 75 sec. service time.)
  • Total cost with foam and electricity is maximum 20 cf for each vehicle.(For 75 sec. service time)
  • *Price differs for optional.


Technical Details

Voltage Three-phase 380V./50-60 Hz.
Coin Acceptor 2 independent mechanical
Time Relay 2 Units 1-6 Minute
Security Outside:2 cabinet locks, Inside:2 lockable metal safes
Cabinet Electrostatic Paint on Galvanized Steel, ABS Cap (Chrome Optional)
Pump ÖZMEN (Made in Turkey, with ISO 9001 quality assurace) Interpump brand Italy pump
Pump Pressure 200 Bar/ 250 Bar*
Water Consumption 15 Lt.
Motor Power 5 Kw, 7.5 Hp
Pump Security Regulator with By-pass
Gun Manuel
Hose Double steel wire braided
Working Pressure 5 Bar
Tank Capacity 90 Lt.
Hose 8M.
Gun Trigger Control
Foam Tank Electrostatic Paint on Plastering Steel