• Works with coin, magnetic card and key switch; also rejects fake coin.
  • There is time relay, adjustable from 0-1 minute.
  • There is non-resettable numerator so can be easily tracked how many vehicles are served.
  • There are 4 perfume alternatives to remove potential unwanted dirty air.
  • Spiraled 3m Hose and spray gun with trigger.
  • Total cost with foam and electricity is maximum 10 cf for each vehicle .(For 30 sec. service time)
  • Provides long-time freshness in order to use Hera antibacterial perfume together.


Technical Details

Motor 4×50 W
Voltage Mono-phase 230V./50-60 Hz.
Tank Capacity 4×10 Lt.
Hose 3 M.
Time Relay 0-1 Minute
Coin Acceptor Mechanical
Cabinet Electrostatic Paint on Galvanized Steel, ABS Cap
Security Outside:3 cabinet locks, Inside: lockable metal safe