ÖZKAR, continuing it activities in petroleum sector without conceding the principles of quality since 2002, has always developed to reach the top and been opted by main fuel oil distribution companies, importers and constructing companies in terms of sectoral equipments and applications. ÖZKAR has achieved countless of projects and service safely and by protecting the environment in accordance with international and local standards up to now all around Turkey. Meanwhile Özkar keeps on service and product supply in foreign market actively.

ÖZKAR, expressing the manner of working by quality – service on promised and expected time – customer satisfaction is continually developing the studies in order to give a service according to customer needs and demands.

Supplying world-wide known and acredited native and foreign originated best quality products, ÖZKAR created an optional product range providing several alternatives considering customer’s use and advantages.


  • We work to meet the need for professional, qualitative and prompt service in the sector.
  • We provide service to main fuel oil distribution companies and constructig firms promptly and we can reach to the most far points without any problem.
  • We do all necessary research and examination regarding the inquiries of the companies and we offer the best options to our customers.
  • We give service with our domestic and foreign contacts in order to meet the demands and expectations of the sector and we perform with motto of there is no limit that we can not go beyond.
  • We act in accordance with enrivonment and safety rules.


As ÖZKAR, our vision is composed of below basis;

  • Customer based perspective,
  • Meeting demands at optimum level,
  • Providing quality at maximum level,
  • Progress parallel to technological develoments.


Mission starts with putting oneself in customers’ shoes.

As ÖZKAR, we have main principles that we can not give up ever.

Our main principles are; being trusted by our customers everlasting, providing our customers with quality service at maximum level, and consulting our customers when necessary, in addition, complying with Health, Safety and Environment rules. These principles are the main integral parts keeping our company alive.


ÖZKAR Administration and Team care about health, safety and environment, and considers the fundamental based on preventing accidents and industrial illnesses. Performance according to Health, Safety and Environment rules is the warranty of our company’s standing. As ÖZKAR team;

  • We always analyze the hazards previously and take precautions in work areas.
  • We impose awareness to our workers about health and labor safety.
  • We inform our workers about how to act with the consciousness of protecting environment and natural resources.
  • We provide our workers with a safe working area and personal protective equipments conforming with the norms.
  • We also satisfy our customers thanks to the sensitivity and awareness about Health, Safety and Environment.


ÖZKAR aims to be focused on customer, to sell the best quality and to provide a satisfying engineering and technical support in service to the fuel oil distribution sector. Our effort to get this target better will be reinforced by some certain points that we will take into consideration.

Main factors of our Quality Policy are as below;

  • To create perpetual solutions for customers needs,
  • To realize corrective, preventive and reformatory actions in system performance according to quality targets,
  • To perceive quality as a developing and permanent process in addition to perceive a target to reach,
  • To invest in employees’ satisfaction and fevelopment in order to render quality continuous,
  • And to satisfy customers with a professional structure applying the latest innovations of technology.